13 May 2017
NiSi Natural Night filter

Review: NiSi Natural Night filter

Nisi Filters released the new Natural Night filter. This filter is designed to reduce light pollution on night pictures. Light pollution is a big problem for photographers who enjoy capturing clear starry skies near big cities, or in the city itself. The yellow glow from street lights reduces the visibility of the stars and adds a uniform yellow colour to the picture. It appears the staff at Nisi Filters have found a solution to this problem. When I first read about […]

20 Mar 2017
Why Nisi? - my reasons after 6 months of using

Why Nisi? – my reasons after 6 months of using

It’s been six months since I purchased a set of NiSi Filters and I think it is a good time to write a small summary to explain my experiences using the NiSi filter system and filters.   So, why did I choose NiSi Filters in the first place? The filters I had been using (old Cokin) were not that great and I really needed a good set of filters. For years I had believed that LEE Filters were the best, […]

28 Jan 2017


Do you like my pictures? Now you can have them as a wallpaper for your phone! Below is a selection of few of my personally favorite pictures that I think would look great on your phone. To download a wallpaper, just tap on selected picture to enlarge it, then tap and hold until you see “save picture”. Wallpapers have a universal size that fits every smartphone.   Enjoy! And yep, it is totally FREE! 🙂  

24 Jan 2017

Gear Review: NiSi HUC PRO Nano IR ND64 + CPL

Last week I received from NiSi few filters and one of them was NiSi HUC PRO Nano IR ND64 + CPL.  It is a screw-in multifunctional ND 6 stop filter with a built in Polarizing filter (2in1). During the last days I had a chance to try this filter and decided to share my first impressions with you. Presented pictures maybe are not the best ones, but as soon as I will have more examples I will post part2 of this small review.   First Impressions As expected, the quality is very […]