About me

About me

I am landscape and astrophotographer from Kristiansand in southern Norway.

My adventure with photography began almost 20 years ago, this adventure began with macro photography. I spent hours with an old camera, photographing worms in the grass. Very quickly, however, it turned into landscape photography. I could not resist the misty mornings and the landscape carved with the beautiful early light.

I've always looked for water-containing elements in my frame. Mists, lakes, dew, streams, the sea - these are elements that have always aroused my interest.

In 2007 I moved to Norway, where my photography gained great momentum. I fell in love with rocky coastline, lighthouses, huge waves and stormy weather. For many years now I have spent the most time with the camera on the coast.

I rarely travel far from home in search of motifs, rather I try to explore what I have near me. I visit the same places many times, trying to capture the constantly changing moods of the landscape. The sea and rocky coast are a fascinating theme for photography.

Recently I've been devoting a lot of attention to night photography. The starry sky and the Milky Way combined with the waves and lighthouses create a magical atmosphere. However, this is a very demanding field of photography that requires a lot of planning and learning of new techniques, which has been a very interesting challenge for me.

Photography, for me, is a form of detachment from everyday life. Being on the coast, chasing after the light and the waves for a few hours, I can forget about the whole world just for a while. It's a form of meditation.


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