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23 Nov 2016

Winter time

Anyone feels too warm today? Here is something to cool you down. Early morning on Flekkerøy few weeks back.

20 Nov 2016

Yellow glow

Another spectacular end of the day on Flekkerøy a few weeks ago. I miss that place, I have to go there soon.

11 Nov 2016
Winter sunrise on Flekkerøy

Winter sunrise on Flekkerøy

Winter sunrise on Flekkerøy. It is quite amazing how a bit of snow can transform landscape. Sørlandet, beautiful at any time of the year

09 Nov 2016
The ice monks

The Ice monks

“The Ice monks” Szrenica – Karkonosze Mountains, Poland. Picture taken quite long time ago (nearly 10 years ago) but I still love it. Lots of beautiful memories from this trip

29 Oct 2016
27 Oct 2016

Long time

When we stretch out time everything looks different. Water look like silk, clouds look like smudges, only rocks look the same. Here is 8 minute exposure on Flekkerøy. I really enjoy creating these unreal images and I hope You like it too.

29 Sep 2016

Sea and sky

Picture from a beautiful evening last Sunday on Flekkerøy. Rough sea and rapidly moving clouds, a perfect combination for a long exposure pictures.

28 Sep 2016
Long awaited

Long awaited

To take this picture I have waited 10 months. Only in March and September position of the sun it is ideal for photographing sunset in this place. With a plan in my head patiently I waited for the time in which the conditions will be perfect. In March I had no luck to realize my plan, but last Sunday I had the perfect sunset with rough seas thanks to which the waves reached far inland. What you think, It was […]

06 Jul 2016
Ansteins lighthouse

Ansteins lighthouse

Ansteins lighthouse, very popular destination for hikers on Flekkerøy. This lighthouse is located near my favorite piece of this island that I visit most frequently.

18 Jun 2016
Moon and waves

Moon and waves

Waves crashing into rocky coast on Flekkerøy with moon above. Picture taken few minutes after midnight. 241 second exposure time. Kristiansand – Norway.